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Elk Springs Outfitters invites you to hunt Idaho, where we will help you to experience the thrill, challenge, and adventure of an Idaho wilderness, professionally guided elk hunt. As an Idaho hunting outfitter we specialize in combination elk hunts, mule deer hunts, black bear hunts in the beautifully rugged back country of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. We are located in west central Idaho. At 2.3 million acres, the FC-RNR is the largest protected contiguous wilderness area in the United States, teaming with wildlife, and prime country for Idaho big game.

Here in the FC-RNR Wilderness, Idaho, you'll find Elk Spring Outfitters, Idaho hunting guides, hunting a substantial population of elk that inhabit our area throughout the season, along with healthy herds of mule deer and a few whitetail deer. Black bear, moose and sheep are also roam this scenic, remote territory.

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Operating out of McCall Idaho, Elk Springs Outfitters , Idaho hunting guides, has sole access to 65 square miles of this game-rich country. There is little, if any human contact or hunting pressure, helping the possibility for trophy elk, trophy mule deer as well as black bear.

Professional guide Al Bayer and his licensed guides are dedicated to offering you an outstanding wilderness adventure where they can be proud of the service, integrity, and experiences that come with each hunt sold. Space is limited, so we recommend securing your dates no later than March 1.For more information:

Contact us by email:
or by phone (208) 469-9999

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To learn more about the Frank Church Wilderness area read some of the information below and go to the web sites with additional information:

The River of No Return Wilderness was created by Congress in 1980. Perhaps the greatest success of Idaho conservationists, it is the single largest designated wilderness area in the lower 48 states of the United States. It is almost 2.4 million acres in extent, covering a vast array of ridges, deep canyons, glaciated peaks, meadows, and one large rolling plateau -- the Chamberlain Basin which covers 500 square miles. Located entirely in the vast Salmon River Mountains, it embraces a portion of the largest continuously mountainous terrain in the United States. Over 3000 miles of trails provide access inside the Wilderness.
The FC-RNR Wilderness is full of wildlife, especially elk, but also mule and while-tailed deer, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, black bear, coyotes, bobcat, numerous cougar, pine marten, wolverine, a few lynx, and now quite a few wolves. Only the grizzly bear is lacking.
Because the altitude ranges from 2000 or 3000 feet in the deepest canyons to over 10,000 feet on the peaks, year round range for wildlife is provided. Elk, deer and moose do not need to migrate out of the wilderness to winter range near Idaho towns and cities.
After the death of Senator Frank Church in 1982, Idaho Senator Jim McClure had Congress rename the wilderness the "Frank Church/River of No Return Wilderness" in honor of the late senator Church's support for preserving this wild core of the Idaho mountains..

To read more of this information visit: http://www.forwolves.org/ralph/wpages/frank.htm

The mission of the Elk Foundation is to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife and their habitat.In support of this mission the Elk Foundation is committed to:* Conserving, restoring and enhancing natural habitats;

  • Promoting the sound management of wild, free-ranging elk, which may be hunted or otherwise enjoyed;
  • Fostering cooperation among federal, state and private organizations and individuals in wildlife management and habitat conservation; and
  • Educating members and the public about habitat conservation, the value of hunting, hunting ethics and wildlife management.

    Visit: http://www.rmef.org/ to learn more about the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

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